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For us, this isn’t just brewing coffee or slicing meat. This is an active life mission to bring our customers the most flavorful full-bodied beverages we can get our hands on. Serving the Tampa Bay area from Downtown Oldsmar, whether working remotely, or meeting someone for casual or business conversation, our guests are always welcome to come in to get a cup of freshly-brewed deliciousness and a juicy sandwich or a special Moroccan dish for lunch. Come for the food and stay for the pleasant atmosphere. We are excited to be open for business in the Summer of 2023. 

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Crafty 12 inch pizzas with our specialty toppings on a bed of fine bases ranging from Shakshuka sauce, pesto sauce or Barbecue sauce and cooked to perfection in our 800 degree oven with perfectly melted cheeses. Try Adam's Pizza a sweet and creamy pizza with bbq sauce and chicken with cream cheese. Or try the vegetarian option lean and green in a pesto sauce artichokes, green olives and bell peppers. 


Our Roasted Coffee Bean specialty drinks offer the world a chance to brighten every day with a whole lot of flavor and inspiration. Try these to receive the perfect balance between bold flavor and subtle sweetness. whether you are looking for a classic drink or our specialties you will find your morning or afternoon pick me up. Ask for a Nutella Latte or a rose latte if you are looking for a refreshingly tantalizing latte.


Skillfully prepared and crafted, our Sandwiches and paninis will entice your taste buds and satisfy your cravings anytime a day. They pack a lasting punch that is sure to leave you wanting more. Silky smooth, cheesy, and full of layered flavors, there’s really no better way to start your day. The Moroccan Beef jerky and egg is a great treat and the lamb saussage with peppers is aromatic and delicious.


Our refreshers will quench your thirst and wake you up with the fruity flavors and aromas of nature. Made from fruit purees rather than sugary syrups they will also provide the nutrients you need all day in just a cup of full bodied fruit goodness. A peachy Rosie is refreshing and tasty. Ask about the Awesome blossom if you are looking for an orangy and aromatic refresher. Or the summer sunset with bloody orange and bitters.

Making Coffee
Poached Egg Sandwich
Refreshing Juices


Check out the tasty quiches and Artsy crafty boards of fine variety of cured meats and prosciutto, fresh soft and firm cheeses presented on various boards. A nice looking and delicious arrangement with an intense burst of flavor, these full-bodied boards strike a perfect balance between the sweet and savory aromas to enjoy. 


Our desserts selection is varied and will satisfy your craving for sweet and tasty dessert. Ask us about the cheesecakes, lava cake and chocolate bundt cake and the classic Baklava and more


The entrees are also a popular lunch item that is typically served in a clay plate called a tagine. the dishes we serve are the preserved lemon chicken tagine, the meatball tagine is free of any breading or fillers, and the lamb shank tagine. These will surely satisfy your taste buds and beyond.


Check out the french pastries we have on display such as the classic chocolate croissant, chocolate twist, almond croissant, butter croissant and raisin croissants. And for savory items the spinach feta bistro served with spring mix and house vinegrette is a great way to have a light meal.

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